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Fidel Castro Attends Inauguration of Art Studio in Havana

HAVANA, Cuba.-Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro attended the inauguration on Wednesday evening of an art studio in the Havana community of Romerillo, which is considered a cultural center or laboratory for experimenting and promoting arts and human understanding.
After nine p.m. local Cuba time and in the context of the 55 anniversary of the entrance in Havana by Fidel Castro leading the Rebel Army, the historic leader of the Revolution arrived at the art workshop and greeted artists and the people who emotionally applauded his presence.

Cuban-based Israeli Singer Promotes latest Project throughout the country

HAVANA, Cuba.-Israeli singer Orly Solomon promotes in Cuba the project From Tel Aviv to Havana through a CD with 10 folk music songs of her native country in Latin version.

Cuban Science to Support Upadating of Economic Model

HAVANA, Cuba-.The Cuban scientific system serves as updating basis for the national economic model, Jose Fidel Santana Nunez, vice minister of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA by its Spanish acronym ), said.

Cuban Tourism Increased in 2013

HAVANA, Cuba.- Cuba ended 2013 with a record of arrivals of tourists, thanks to actions carried out by the Tourism Ministry (Mintur) to increase quality of competitiveness.

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